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Social Media MarketingSocial Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

$50 – $75/hour (vary by project & service)

Varying levels of service are offered to fulfill varying needs of each small business owner.  Custom and bundled package plans can be arranged depending on goals & budget.

Monthly management plans include posting, monitoring, updating and ads testing/creating/placement.

MONTHLY MANAGMENT PLANS RANGE FROM 5 – 35 HOURS PER MONTH. A mild level of service with minimal ads spend can start at $200/month.  A higher level of management with more hours dedicated to posting and ads testing/placement may cost $1500/month (including portion of spend toward social media ads).  Social media ads (paid to Facebook & Twitter) may range from $30/month to $30,000/month (or more depending on budget of small business).

2 to 45 targeted ad campaigns
1 to 25 A/B split-test of ad campaigns
3 to 25 status updates per week (Twitter: 6 to 35 updates)
20 to 180 minutes per week of monitoring and replying to users, and “being social” with the business profile including engaging with other industry related profiles.
Monthly report of results for measurement including tracked clicks to landing sites.

Social Media Consultation Services


Small businesses with an already existing digital marketing team can benefit from my services.  I work with clients that are already managing their social media accounts but can use assistance in creating, executing and testing ads for lead generation, website traffic, brand awareness and more.  I also offer support for content strategy and general management of social accounts.


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