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The Small Medium

Social Media in Denver & Nationwide

Social Media Clients/Industries:

Viaero WIreless, Telecommunication; Facebook (full-time manager)

Tattoo Masquerade™, Multi-Art Event; Facebook (consultant)

Scout Real Estate Group, Denver Real Estate; Facebook (part-time manager)

C1-Partners, Digital Marketing Firm; Facebook & Twitter (previous consultant)

Vinyasa Productions, Event Services; Facebook (previous part-time manager)

Oxman & Oxman Law Firm; Facebook & Twitter (previous part-time manager)

Big Cockerel Sportswear, Brand Apparel; Facebook & Twitter (previous consultant)

Fasterhouse, St. Louis Real Estate; Facebook (previous full-time manager)

Battle for Courage Non-Profit CrossFt Event (previous part-time manager)

Clutchbreeder Exotic Pet Classifieds, Facebook & Twitter (previous consultant)

JL Universe Music Artist, Facebook (previous consultant)

*GTCovers Seat Covers, Facebook (previous part-time manager *contracted w/ Social Brothers LLC)



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