Case Study: Social Media Consulting for a Wireless Company

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May 14, 2016 by thesmallmediumdenver

Facebook Case Study

Social Media Consulting for Wireless Company

I’m fortunate to perform contracted work for clients of C1 Partners (digital marketing firm based in Denver).  One of our clients is a wireless company providing services to rural areas in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.  Since May of 2015, I’ve provided social media support (Twitter and Facebook), consultation and Facebook ads management with their digital marketing team members.

The wireless company continues to see a positive ROI from ad campaigns and social metrics results from our efforts in year-over-year comparisons.  Most of my work has been in collaboration with their online content & social manager, Alex, whom began his position at about the same time we worked together.  He has recently left the wireless company for a new position.

Due to continued positive results, the number of Facebook ad campaigns & monthly spend have greatly increased since our work began in April of 2015.

2014 showed little to no ROI for the wireless company’s social media efforts while still often spending $10k – $15k in monthly Facebook ads.  A focused Facebook strategy and management were fairly nonexistent until we began collaboration.

As of March in 2016, there are several positive results to report with regard to improved social media metrics & ROI over the course of our time working with the wireless company and their marketing team.

Social Media Metrics

We have seen several significant increases in social KPI in year-over-year data comparisons of social metrics with the wireless company.

From May to December of 2015, our monthly ad spend was much smaller than in the same months of 2014.  At a fraction of a similar monthly Facebook ads spend for the wireless company in 2014 (about a tenth), we increased social engagement by 30 – 50%.  Also, we maintained the same amount of “reach” and “impressions” in 2015 using a much lower spend compared to 2014.  In other words, our CPM increased by 5 to 10 times that of 2014.

At the start 2016, using a similar monthly Facebook ads spend as in 2014 ($10k – $15k), we’ve targeted a more unique audience with A/B tests to improve CPM by 3 to 5 times better than in 2014.  Typically, a more specific audience may show a decrease in reach while we have managed to see an increase.

Lastly, in 2016 using same spend as in 2014, we’ve seen nearly a 100 times increase of engagement.  This is a great sign for an overall Facebook presence and very good news for the wireless company.

ROI and KPI Metrics

In 2014, the wireless company saw little sign of nearing a positive ROI for their Facebook management efforts.  Now, in 2016, we are seeing an improved ROI and are using tested ads to adjust future ads for better results.

In order to track conversions from website traffic associated with our Facebook ads, we use “Facebook Pixels.”  Our pixels track “add to cart” and “purchases” from the wireless network’s website.  The “purchase” pixel tracks an actual conversion amounting to an average of $1200 for the wireless company, thus part of the equation for a positive ROI.

To improve results, Facebook ad campaigns are A/B tested using different images and text for each promotion.  The following KPI are reported on a monthly basis to help determine results from A/B tests: frequency, CTR, CPM, reach, impressions and CPC.

Our CPC in 2016 has decreased by 40% since 2015 results.  This is good news for the wireless company because not only have we improved on efforts from the past, but we’ve also improved on recent efforts of our own.


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