Initial Steps & Months of Facebook Management Services

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March 16, 2016 by thesmallmediumdenver

Social Media Management

Initial Facebook Marketing Steps

When you decide it’s time to “turn over the keys” of your social media presence to a professional, you’ll want to know the initial steps of the process and what happens in the first few months.  I’ll go over the steps taken when I begin working with a small business owner and start managing their Facebook page.

Prior to Launching Facebook Services

First, we’ll examine the current Facebook presence, if any, of the business.  If there’s a usable FB page (or pages) already created, we’ll continue to use this page moving forward.  If there are unwanted or outdated FB pages, OR if we’ll be creating a new FB fan page from scratch, then we’ll discuss the necessary steps required to create a new FB fan page when we launch services.

Also, we’ll determine what level of social media management services will be needed.  Three levels of service are offered and vary in billed hours per month.  Service levels range from “mild” to “heavy” management, and vary in posts per week, hours being “social”, number of ad campaigns, and more. See menu for service details.

Lastly, we’ll discuss options to promote the new FB page on traditional media items like print ads, table-tents, flyers, brochures, etc.

The First Month of Facebook Management

In the first week, we’ll audit any existing FB fan pages or setup a new FB page if starting from scratch.  The FB page will be optimized with updated information regarding the business, images may be updated or edited, and new social connections will be made with other FB fan pages relating to the business.  In general, the first week of services serve as a setup period to get the FB page “ready to go” before we shift focus to social posts and activity.

In the second week, we’ll focus attention towards what the “voice” of the business will be on Facebook.  The content and posts shared on our FB fan page will slowly begin to take on a “voice” of their own and of the business.  This includes researching and preparing 3rd party links to share as posts, knowledge of upcoming promotions & announcements for the business, and creating ideas for other social posts with goals ranging from social engagement to website clicks.

Further, we’ll also begin to place Facebook ads focused on building and engaging the current fan base.  These ads include “boosting” posts and creating “get likes” ad campaigns.  The audiences for all ad campaigns will be tested and adjusted on a monthly basis.  In the first month, we’ll use the best audience demographics currently available from the business as a starting point.

In weeks three and four, we’ll begin to make consistent posts on the FB page and spend time being “social” on the network.  While the first two weeks are spent “getting things going,” the last two weeks represent management services that will be “the norm” for all months moving forward.

At the end of each month, we’ll create a custom monthly report to examine results and ad campaigns, evaluate them and make adjustments moving forward.

Months Two thru Six of Social Media Services

Just as in weeks 3 and 4 of the first month, there will be a consistent schedule of Facebook posts made, a variety of ads placed & tested, and time spent being “social” on the network (details of these items below).  Also, as in month 1, a customized monthly report of results will be prepared.

After six months, we’ll examine the results of the first 2 quarters and decide on any changes that will be made moving into the next 2 quarters.


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