How do You Get People to Like your Facebook Page?

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December 16, 2015 by thesmallmediumdenver

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Getting Facebook Likes

Creating a Facebook fan page and making posts for your business are easy.  Getting people to “like” the page can be a challenge.  From paid to organic methods, there’s a few ways to approach gaining more fans and a bigger audience.

First, it’s important to understand that the amount of “likes” to your Facebook page doesn’t translate into the success of your page.  Likes are often referred to as a “vanity number” because they are the first thing most people look at when surveilling a Facebook profile.

Yes, having a large amount of likes to your page is a good thing and should be part of your initial and long-term goals, but your fans should be authentic people with a real interest in your page, not just a number.

The methods discussed below will help you efficiently grow your fan base with potential customers that have an interest in your industry.

Don’t Buy Bulk “Likes”

There are numerous online sources providing “x amount” of likes for “x amount of dollars.”  This option may appeal to those that have recently created a page and are struggling to get likes because it helps the “vanity numbers.”

It is not recommended to buy bulk likes because the overall value to your social media presence isn’t increased.  The bulk amount of likes from a third party source add to your audience numbers, but these connections are not authentic and come from people that have no interest in your business or fan page.  They may not even be profiles of actual people, but rather bots created for the sole purpose of adding likes to pages.  Red flags may be thrown up and noticed by Facebook when practices of buying multiple likes from third party sources, which can also damage your social media presence.

Friends and Family

If you already have a personal Facebook profile and use it a little or a lot, then a great starting point to get likes to a new fan page is by asking friends and family you’re already connected to.  Make a post or two on your personal profile mentioning that you’ve setup a new fan page for your business and you’d appreciate consideration for a “like.”

In general, you may find that most of your friends aren’t interested in liking your page if it’s not of interest to them, and no hard feelings should be had.  But, you will find that several friends are okay with liking your page for support.

“Get Likes” Ad Campaigns

Personal connections and organic reach can only go so far when it comes to having a successfully managed Facebook page.  Spending money on getting likes using Facebook’s ads options are going to be required in order to increase your fan base to a targeted audience.

The “getting likes” Facebook ad campaigns allow you to target specific audiences to like your fan page.  Targeting tools include age, location, gender, interests, behaviors and more.  The cost per impressions provided by Facebook are typically far less than other media, and not only do you get reach and impressions, but you also receive the opportunity to grow your audience for organic purposes in the future.

Targeted Facebook ad campaigns should use similar demographics and buyer personas used in your other digital marketing efforts.  With practice, you’ll be able to better target Facebook users in order to receive better cost per like.  Split testing your campaigns will further aid you in this process.

Being Social

The last thing to keep in mind is that being actively social on the network still has its benefits, including getting likes to your page.

Authentic engagement with your audience and with other Facebook fan pages grows your presence on the network.  The more often your content is seen by others, the greater the chance that someone will check out your profile and like your page.

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