Why Does a Business Use Social Media?

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September 21, 2015 by thesmallmediumdenver

SM can benefit the growth of your business.

Why use social media?

Social media take time and money to manage, thus most business owners question whether or not they need to be active on social networks.  With regard to the online presence of businesses, why do we use social media?

Different sources will give a variety of answers to the question of why social media are used.  Some important reasons include the notions that social media: Effectively reach a targeted audience; Increase brand awareness; Provide an SEO boost; and Increase website traffic and leads to sales.

Targeted Reach with Social Media

If a web presence is important to your business then social media should be too.  Most digital marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media to reach potential customers and clients.  Professional social media management can reach a specifically targeted audience with ad campaigns and targeting tools provided by social media.  The cost per 1,000 reach is typically far less with social media than SEO and PPC costs.

Keep in mind, social media users use the networks to connect and engage on a “social level”.  This means they aren’t looking to be promoted to or “spammed” all the time.  Instead, they’re looking for content with helpful information, an occasional diversion, and authentic interaction.

Brand Awareness

Your social media audience will grow over time with added “followers” and “likers.”  As your audience grows, so will your exposure to other social connections from your existing fans.  A Facebook friend of one of your fans may see that they “liked” a status update from your business page.  This may lead to further interest in your fan page; sort of a “social referral.”

The domino effect of social referrals over time is one way brand awareness is positively affected by social media.  In general, all content shared by your social media profiles increase your brand awareness.  The more authentic social content you share, the more aware users will become of your brand over time.

SEO Boost & Increased Website Traffic

Algorithm updates from Google and other notable search engines continue to favor the use of social media in their rankings and indexing of your website.  Search engines will give better indexing to websites that have links to social media sites.  Search engines not only look for social links, but also look at the content and activity of the social media profiles.

In addition to an SEO algorithm boost, there are several ways to increase your website traffic via social media.  Occasionally posting content related to your website on social media will drive traffic to your website.  You can increase the reach of these posts with “boosts”, “promoted tweets” and “sponsored updates” on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Use engaging, natural language when promoting users to click on a link to your site.

Lastly, some social media ad campaigns can be geared towards website-click ads that resemble Adwords style ads.  They include a call-to-action button taking people to your desired website landing pages.

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