Three Results to Consider When Paying for Social Media

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February 19, 2015 by thesmallmediumdenver

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Paying for Social Media

As a small business owner, you want to know what you’re getting when you pay someone to manage your social media.  You’ve probably heard good and bad concerning social media results for businesses.

During initial meetings with clients, I go over a few of the tangible results that will come from a professionally managed social media presence.  Clients understand that Facebook and Twitter are possible marketing tools, but they also know that not every business has success with these networks.

Small business owners don’t want a recommendation to create a social media presence just because it’s “the cool thing to do.”  They need to know what their expense is doing to help their business.

Reach and Impressions

The cost of reaching 1,000 people via print ads can range from $20 to $50 or more. Social media costs far less and allows you to target audiences specific to the demographics of your clientele, not just 1,000 random people.

Two metrics provided by Facebook Insights are the overall “reach” and “impressions” associated with your fan page.  The reach refers to number of unique users that have seen any content from your page, while the impressions are the total number of times page content have been viewed.

Content and Facebook Ads dollars directly affect how big or small your reach and impressions are.  Content has organic reach and is affected by how many people like, share, comment, etc.  Facebook Ads money allows you to expand your reach and impressions by boosting posts, pay-per-click website ads, getting likes, and others.

The best results come from content that works organically and designed to engage potential clients.

Search Engine Rankings Boost

SEO marketers are quite familiar with last year’s Google algorithm changes that included a rankings boost for websites having social media links optimized to the site.  Not only does the boost apply to links to the site, but Google also looks at content being shared on the social media links.

Therefore, active, content-rich social media accounts receive a greater SEO boost for your website than before.

Social media are increasing in use among digital marketers simply because an active account helps SEO results for their clients.

Branding and Leads to Sales

Creative content, customer service and monitoring of social media accounts should be included in professional management services.  These items are key pieces to a social media strategy and are directly associated with branding and leads to sales.

Successful branding is easier to execute via social media than getting leads to sales, yet leads to sales mean more to your ROI equation.  Branding with original content will reflect well on your authenticity and awareness of your product, but can be hard to calculate the return on investment. When a sale arises from your social media, you can directly plug the income of the sale into the ROI of your social media expense.

Branding and leads to sales via social media take time, patience and ads dollars before they show results, but long term benefits can happen.

Social media fulfills a variety of needs when it comes to the online presence of your business.  The value of each of these items can be easily determined for some, while not so easy to figure out for others.

Reach, impressions, an SEO boost and branding/sales are three items that you can immediately consider when pondering whether to spend money on social media management.

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