What’s the Best Location for a Client Meeting?

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December 16, 2014 by thesmallmediumdenver

Denver social media clientsWhether it’s an introductory meeting, or a monthly gathering with clients to discuss results, the setting is always important.  When it comes to meeting spots, one client prefers a local watering hole, while others prefer a quiet conference room.

In this “lighter reading” blog, I’ll discuss a few different locations I’ve experienced with clients, and the good and bad of each locale.

Office Space/Conference Room Meetings

Often, clients are too busy to leave the office, and prefer I meet them at their office or a designated conference room in their building.

Office space meetings can be more convenient for clients, as they don’t have to travel and everything they need to discuss business is right there in front of them.  Busy schedules don’t always allow clients to attend meetings away from the office.

On the other hand, office meetings don’t allow your client to get out of the office and focus their attention on social media discussions.  When it’s just you and client meeting in a third-party location, it’s easier to keep the purpose of the meeting: discussing social media for their business.

Further, getting your client out of the office gives you a chance to treat them to coffee, a meal, or a drink, thus adding a nice “touch” to your services and relationship with a client.

Bar/Restaurant Meetings

Bars and restaurants provide great locales for you to show some appreciation for your clients’ business.  You’ll be waited on, have a nice table to work at, and have a variety of food and drinks to indulge in.  Clients appreciate the effort as well as the escape from their office.

The main issue with bars and restaurants is the limited, or no, Wifi.  These types of establishments don’t usually cater to the Internet crowd, thus they don’t have Wifi, or they have poor Wifi.

Limited Internet access during a business meeting can cause a few problems.  The meeting’s conversation can lead to the desire to look at content via the Internet.  With no Wifi, the related subject will need to be put on hold for later discussion.  If the subject is important, the restaurant-set business meeting now becomes counterproductive.

Coffee Shop Meetings

At the end of any day, coffee shops usually serve as the best meeting spot.  You’re able to get the client out of the office, treat them to some food and beverages, and have Internet access during the meeting.

A restaurant or bar may offer more food and beverage choices and provide a larger table to work at, but a coffee shop still offers decent seating arrangements to conduct business.  Also, coffee, tea, and a light snack usually provide a bit “peppier” tone and more productive meeting vs. greasy or heavy food.

Lastly, a coffee shop is more conducive to a work environment.  The Wifi works better than most places and plenty of patrons use it.  People conduct some sort of work-related item in a coffee shop, so you’re meeting fits in with the vibe.

I’d love to conduct a business meeting with you to discuss meeting your social media goals. If you’re in the Denver Area, please call John at 303.725.4702. See Facebook and Twitter pages.


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