Just How Much Time is Needed for a Valid Facebook Campaign?


August 21, 2013 by thesmallmediumdenver

social media, Denver, The Small MediumSimply being on a social network is not enough to help a business. This message I’ve learned from personal experiences, as well as my direct superiors in the industry.


So, just how much time is needed to make any real headway with Facebook? Well, several people will give you several answers, but no one will tell you that simply signing up for a Facebook account and letting it sit without any “social” activity will get you anywhere.


My experience in managing numerous Facebook Fan Pages, in a variety of industries, says that it really depends on each business, their goods and services, and their client demographics. I realize this is a wishy-washy answer, but it is an honest one.


If a fan page is starting from scratch, then a business owner may want to feel out their Facebook presence and how it may benefit the business. This time frame should be a three month period, with at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, six days a week, of active management.


Many people expect to sign up for a business fan page and see results in a few weeks. This is highly unlikely and, instead, a three month period will give business owners a practical time frame to truly evaluate their progress. This time frame is beneficial because it allows a fan page enough time to attract an audience, build some credibility on the network, and turn some of its fans into customers. Facebook users just don’t “like” a page and start buying things right away. They want to know the fan page is legitimate and will serve their social media uses and gratifications, not just a timeline of published advertisements.


In order to organically produce a legitimate fan base (not just “purchased fans”), the manager of a Facebook page should spend at least 15 to 30 minutes a day producing original content for postings, as well as “liking” other fan pages and being social with their timelines. Some posts may take a few minutes to produce, while others may take longer. If you’re targeting a specific audience and looking for engagement, there are several practices required that take time to get the most from your posts.


Further, the time managing a fan page needs to be divided into different parts of the day. You will see little results if you decide to make five posts and “like” everything you see on your timeline in one morning session. You should spread your postings throughout the day, and “like” and comment on other pages with genuine reactions to their content.


If you adhere to the prescription that being social isn’t just copying and pasting links and posting advertisements for your business, then you will come to realize that 15 to 30 minutes a day may not be enough time. Time spent scheduling posts, creating a variety of content, and monitoring your fan page can easily turn into a part-time job of several hours a week. If your time is rewarded with real fans and real customers, then Facebook management should be a part-time job for your business. In contrast, if you find that putting in long hours gets you nowhere on social media, then maybe other forms of media are better suited for your business.


The bottom line is that you should use social media industry practices for three months before evaluating your efforts. If your time spent managing your Facebook page produces more fans and more business, then test the waters and dedicate even more time doing this. Otherwise, if your efforts only eat up hours and produce little results, then you may want to look at other options for a solid online presence, or even consider the notion that online media is not for you.


Lastly, business owners may find that an hour a day is producing real results for their Facebook presence. They may also find that scheduling that hour a day is not too much of a task and doesn’t take away from running the rest of their business. This is an ideal situation for any business owner, in that they’ve found techniques and time that work for managing a productive Facebook account.


In contrast, for owners that decide the techniques of management are too much to learn, and scheduling time gets in the way of other duties, then a social media manager is a smart alternative. I provide monthly management services, as well as training and tutoring, to business owners around the country. I am based out of Denver, Colorado, but have worked for clients in other locales. Feel free to contact The Small Medium for such services, at 303.725.4702.


One thought on “Just How Much Time is Needed for a Valid Facebook Campaign?

  1. This is helpful as I’m kind of translating it to my own blog instead of facebook…still great advice!

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