(Re-Blog) Writing Short Sketch Videos for Business Owners

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August 8, 2013 by thesmallmediumdenver

youtube, promote, creative, sketchThe following blog was originally published for Social Brothers, LLC, and intended as original content for their blogs and website.  I am re-posting, as I am also a team member with Social Brothers and represent their services discussed in this post….

Online content comes in many forms, whether it’s pictures, links, blogs, etc.  The short video is one example of popular content used not only on YouTube, but for websites and social media accounts.

Short videos can be made with a smartphone, and on a limited budget, as discussed in a previous Social Brothers blog post and short video.

Short videos don’t have to be strictly promotional or informational.  With such a wide variety of online content to view, your promotional short video should allow for a bit of creativity in order for them to stand out.

Short creative videos may be compared to “sketches” seen on television shows, like Saturday Night Live.  It is a tall order to duplicate professional comedic writers, like those from SNL, but their sketches are a good model to look at when using your own creative mind to broadcast a sketch of your own for social media and website content.

The idea of sketch videos may still be a bit “outside the box”, so I’ve written two sketches of my own, with hopes of showing business owners the vision of such content.  They can read these scripts and get a better feel for their value rather than simply talking about the idea.  The scripts attempt to create a story line with interesting characters and humor, as well as draw attention to the business.

The first script is titled, “Texting and Driving”, and intended for use with businesses related to the automotive or mobile phone industries.  The length is five pages, which may equate to three minutes of video.  The sketch is set inside a car, with four passengers driving home in a carpool during rush hour traffic.  The driver interacts with the three passengers during the daily commute, and sometimes has his attention distracted.  The driver points to street signs, turns towards the backseat, eats food, and texts on his cellphone while driving.  Among these distracted behaviors, the passengers only get mad at him when he texts and drives, but not doing the others.

The joke of this sketch is that car drivers should be concerned with all aspects of paying attention to the road, not just texting and driving.  A automobile or mobile phone business can use this sketch as a friendly reminder to clients to be safe on the road at all times.  This short video can bring added online exposure to the business without being overly promotional.

The second script is titled, “Stop Talking to Siri”, and intended for use with restaurant, bar, and cafe owners.  The length is three pages, which may be about a minute and half of video.  This sketch shows three separate characters in three separate locations, all talking to their cellphones (Siri) searching for something to eat and/or do for fun.  The characters are all frustrated with Siri as they lay by the pool, sit in his car after work, and sit at a coffee shop.  The end of the sketch involves a narrator telling the characters to stop talking to their phones and check out the promoted establishment instead.

The joke of this sketch is that the characters are having conversations with a phone instead of talking to people at a restaurant, bar, or cafe.  Owners of these businesses can use this short video to quickly interject a funny take on reality, while also promoting their establishment.

Two goals are accomplished by writing these scripts before speaking with a client.  First, a written script will be very understandable to an owner, and they can vision exactly what your intentions are with the script in hand.  Secondly, a large chunk of the work is already done when a potential client decides to use the idea.

See our short video production services, or contact Social Brothers if these scripts may be of interest to your business.


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