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September 10, 2012 by thesmallmediumdenver

The notion of Craigslist as a useful tool for online exposure didn’t seem relevant to myself over a year and a half ago.  Social media were the focus of my online media management services.  I assumed Facebook and other social media would completely take over all web interactions.  Well, I was wrong.  A real market for Craigslist still exists.

Two topics dealing with the capabilities of Craigslist are discussed.  First, as privacy issues with Craigslist are of main concern among both businesses and online shoppers, tips are offered on how to post ads that provide authenticity to your brand name.  Secondly, some ideas are given on how to generate better search engine results (SEO) for ads, not only in the Craigslist community, but in general search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) as well.

With regard to privacy concerns, although Craigslist is a community of members similar to other social media, it is different in that there are no profile pictures or other personal information provided about the user on the other end.  Craigslist users are basically “just a number”, known only by their email address.

Buyers and sellers of products and services are weary about adhering to ads with such open access and availability, and without any real knowledge of those who post the content.

One may provide real knowledge to an ad with use of links to websites, social media, blogs, and use of pictures.  Include these items within the content of ads to allow browsers an opportunity to click on Facebook pages, read blogs, and/or look at examples of work via picture galleries.  Practicing these items may be one extra step that a viewer of the ad may find crucial in their research before considering purchase of a product or service.

Further, with regard to producing better search engine results and greater exposure, SEO practices apply to the Craigslist search engine, as well as general search engine results (SEO discussed in blog:

The Craigslist search engine recognizes posts with relevant key-word content related to the searched item (i.e.- a search of “home repair” will produce a list of ad results with relevant content).  In order to generate better exposure, multiple ads may be posted with re-worded titles and re-written content, thus covering more searched items.

Once ads are posted, they may be renewed after they expire in order to stay active and continue exposure.  The rate of successfully posting multiple ads continues to increase as customized content is created and old content renewed.

Also, Craigslist sets a protocol for posting multiple ads including NOT allowing “copy & paste” jobs.  Therefore, one may only post multiple ads for greater exposure if the content is edited (i.e.-one ad can not be placed over and over again by simply copying and pasting the document).

Lastly, general internet search engines, like Google and Bing, may also recognize Craigslist ads in search engine queries.  Links to the ads, themselves, may show up in Google searches if the content is relevant to the searched item.

Hopefully, this discussion provides some clarity on how to better navigate the Craigslist platform while providing authenticity to your ads and generating exposure.

One service I provide, as a online media manager, is Craigslist content.  If interested, please see the contact information below.

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