Part Two: The bottom line for business owners

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August 22, 2012 by thesmallmediumdenver

This is the second, of three blog posts, discussing seminal topics that have helped my social/online media management skills for business owners.  Three topics have become important for me to address in order to provide better assistance, including: SEO knowledge; The bottom line; and Using the right tools.

Two years ago, a mistake I made was thinking that my journalism/media studies academic background, alone, would translate into providing online communications for business owners.  They are nice skills to bring to the table, nonetheless, people still want to know that their time and money spent on social media & a web presence are paying off for their business, organization, etc.


I’ve found that my communications skills are best showcased when I’ve earned the trust of the individual that our online creations are, in fact, showing positive results.  A solid online presence doesn’t happen overnight, assuming the goal is to generate better search engine results and provide a more authentic brand of content to the clientele base.


My initial goal is to provide clients with some sort of return, whether it be making their business more aware and accessible to online users or running online promotions for services & products.  If this is accomplished, then it’s easier to “play around” with different content for various online platforms.


Certainly, the concept of creating an online presence can be perceived as a “marketing” tool, but I still don’t accurately describe myself as an “online marketer”.  Although my experiences have provided the ability to successfully market products & services, I still feel the social/online universe practices unique communications skills that shouldn’t be ignored.


So, one may ask, what is the bottom line?  Well, two items stand out as featured returns for using online/social media management: Increased search engine results (SEO); and Content that allows online users to “do their homework”.


Creating, expanding, and enhancing an online presence for business owners naturally creates better search engine results (SEO) (SEO is discussed in the previous blog post).  Using various online profiles organically generates better search engine results from google, bing, etc., as they recognize linked accounts and relevant content created by an online business presence.


Secondly, providing a steady dose of content on different platforms provides online browsers with a sense of security as they research one’s business.  The first step is to get noticed, and then once noticed, have content available to be seen by potential clients as they do their own research.  For example, one may post a Craigslist ad with links to one’s Facebook and Blog accounts.  A Craiglist browser may see the ad, but want to know more about the business, so then decided to view the picture gallery on the Facebook page and read a couple of blogs.  This kind of content may be the deciding factor in one’s decision to choose a business.


I hope this post helps in describing some important items of what business owners and individuals are looking for when they use online/social media management.


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