Part One: What is SEO and why is it important?

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August 15, 2012 by thesmallmediumdenver

In the following three blog posts, I will briefly discuss seminal topics that are very helpful to me, as a social/online media manager for business owners.  In the past couple years, I have worked with individuals, leaders, and business owners to expand their online presence and engage clientele.  Three topics have become important for me to address in order to provide better assistance, including: SEO knowledge; The bottom line; and Using the right tools.

Part One: What is SEO and why is it important?

I had already worked in the social media realm before I heard the term, SEO.  It is important to know when dealing with an online presence, and some may be practicing various SEO practices already without knowing it.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, but one may still ask, “what does that mean?”  Well, it can be explained in different ways by different people, but I view it as how search engines (google, bing, etc.) rank your various online pages of content on their “results” list of key word searches based upon how relevant your content is to the searched items.

For example, one may search “car repair Denver” on a Google search.  The list of results will be correlated by a complex algorithm (which I don’t specifically understand) that Google uses to determine which online sites have the “best” content relevant to that search.

Now, the algorithm determining the “best” content is the crucial part of this equation, as this is how Google lists its results.  As individuals and/or business owners, one can raise their online sites further up the list of search engine results by providing updated, relevant content that is shared by other sites via social media, blog, website, etc.  Hence, one may optimize their search engine results by creating a solid online presence with quality content.  As this content is shared in other directories via links across the web, search engines will give them higher rankings on the list of results.

I started out by simply helping people get up and running with their business Facebook Pages, yet I didn’t realize that this was only one platform among many that may be used to create better SEO.  There are different pieces of the SEO puzzle, and using different sites together to gain quality exposure online will help piece the puzzle together.

I hope this helps begin to explain a little about what SEO is and why it is important.  Check The Small Medium facebook page: or our website ( for info about what I do in the realm of online/social media.


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